The Delphi Revelation: Book III of the Delphi Trilogy - Chris Everheart

In his YA series, The Delphi Trilogy, Chris Everheart has slowly introduced readers to a global conspiracy called the League of Delphi; a secret order which has evolved from the original Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece into a worldwide organization with its webs spun around the world. One of the centers for this elite group being located in the idyllic town of Arcanville, U.S.A.; a city copied directly from a Thomas Kinkade painting.


But as we all know, looks can be deceiving, and no one realizes this more than sixteen year old Zachary White, who returns to his childhood home after nine years spent in French boarding schools under an assumed name. The weirdness of his life having built up in Zach a determination to discover the why of his strange life, and so he walks into Arcanville a loner, taking a job at the local coffee house, and begins his own private investigation into the wrongness of his old home.


Through books one and two of the series, Zach’s detective-like crusade has slowly but surely led him to uncover the horrible plot of the League of Delphi. And along the way, he has discovered things about his past and his present that he never would have imagined possible: seemingly normal people involved in sinister research at the local university, hidden records stretching back thousands of years, his own families involvement in all of it, and the central role the girl he loves plays in all the League’s plans.


Yes, Zach is a young man way over his head as this book begins. Someone who has trusted the wrong people, found himself betrayed, and yet is determined not to give up. He can’t, because the League’s plans are about to come to fruition and destroy people he loves. And so the stage is set for The Delphi Revelation.

Now, as most of my friends already know, YA novels and I do not usually mix. Blame it on my age, or my pessimistic adult nature, or whatever, but the fact is I generally find their youthful point of view naive at best and laughable at worst. (The only exception to this being Percy Jackson. I can’t help but love that kid. He reminds me of my own twelve year old son, I guess.) No matter my preconceived dislike of YA, however, Mr. Everheart’s Delphi Trilogy really sucked me in, made me turn the pages, and got me excited when the next installment arrived. It is, without a doubt, a story that entertains despite its youthful voice, despite its characters’ naivety, and despite their clueless decision-making, because Mr. Everheart uses all those perceived failing to make these some of the most normal teenagers I could imagine. And with The Delphi Revelation, he takes these normal teenagers, sends them into some dangerous situation and does a fitting job of wrapping up this part of Zach’s story, seamlessly resolving all the dangling plots, unveiling a surprise or two along the way, and leaving a reader wanting to hear the next chapter of Zach’s story – because we all know the League of Delphi won’t give up too easily.


So if you love YA or would just like to give it a try, pick this trilogy up. It is well worth a read.


I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. I’d like to thank Netgalley for allowing me to receive this review copy and inform everyone that the review you have read is my opinion alone.