The Emperor's Edge (The Emperor's Edge #1) - Lindsay Buroker This book was okay but nothing more. The story line was juvenile at best, making one scratch your head as people did one perplexing thing after another. The camraderie and interaction between the characters themselves was the best thing about this book, and honestly, it could be quite humorous at times. But even it did not make up for the shortcomings in the story.

The Emperor’s Edge is about Amaranthe Lokdon, a woman enforcer, of Stumps, the capital of the Empire. As a female officer, she is a rarity in town, even in a time when women have gradually replaced men as the business owners of the city. Our Amaranthe is a stickler for proper enforcer behavior and dreams of rising up the chain of command so that she can change all the wrongs of her department. (To paraphrase for you, she is a dreamer, who sees the mistakes of everyone except herself because obviously she does nothing wrong.) One day, Amaranthe is patrolling the city when she stumbles upon a crime; she thereafter singlehandedly takes into custody several “bad guys” while unbenounced to her the young emperor is watching. Emperor Sespian complements her for her daring-do and that is that.

But a single pebble can begin a massive landslide, and this is so in our story. For this brief meeting between the young Emperor and a police officer sends tremors through the status quo at the imperial palace. Commander of the Armies Hollowcrest has been the real power behind the young Emperor for years, and he views the emperor’s interest in this female enforcer as a threat to his monopoly over imperial power. Thus, Hollowcrest determines to kill Amaranthe. But since arranging the death, disappearance or disgrace of a police officer is too much for the second most powerful man in the empire to facilitate, he personally meets with her at the imperial palace before sending her off to kill the most wanted assassin in the empire. All this is get her out of the way.

Did I mention that Amaranthe had met the emperor for maybe 5 minutes? Yeah, I guess I did mention it didn’t I.

And I’m sorry to say the plot doesn’t get much better from there. Our dear Amaranthe escapes death time and again; her goodness of heart turning even the most hard-hearted criminal into her ally. She goes on to outwit the most powerful and corrupt politicians in the empire, while outthinking the most devious foreign spies and wizards. Hell, she even escapes certain death after biological weapons are used against her! All I can say is that it is good to be Amaranthe in The Emperor’s Edge.

There are even more ridiculous plot points than those I’ve mentioned, but I do not like writing spoilers. So to wrap this up, the book does have good camraderie between characters and some laugh outloud moments, but the only way to enjoy the fun is to read this as a comedy or just ignore the missteps as far as the plot goes. Consider yourself warned if you try this one out.