Dragonstar - Barbara Hambly One reviewer on Amazon stated that Dragonstar “. . . almost seems to have been written as an apology to fans for the gloom of the first two books.” And I have to one hundred 100) percent agree with that assessment.

Here, Hambly begins by John Aversin and Jenny Waynest being rescued from their own particular “hell.” Instantaneously, these two people, who have been not very nice to one another for two books, patch their relationship back up, promising that they will give it their all to mend the fences between them

Wham bam, it is all under the bridge man!

Hey, maybe those two other books were just a dream?

Naw. Hambly can’t erase two books. So what she does is tied things up a bit, throw in some other characters being twisted around (Gareth most notably), add a final battle between the demons and everyone else, and ends the series on a good note.

Dragonstar is probably an apology to fans as that other reviewer suggested. It definitely reads better than the last two books, but, even with Hambly attempting to put a good spin on things, I cannot encourage anyone to read this book. I found the whole series a grind and depressing as hell. Honestly, I doubt I would have ever finished these three books except for the fact I had been given them as a gift. So if you want to read a good Hambly series go find The Time of the Dark trilogy and two later books. Those are good. Or maybe the Sun Hawk and Starhawk books. Basically anything else Barbara Hambly has ever written. Just not this book or this trilogy.