Knight of the Demon Queen - Barbara Hambly Dragonshadow was a book mainly about demons ruining the lives of our main characters. So how can Barbara Hambly top that you ask?

Well, yeah of little faith. I mean, all she has to do is send our favorite characters to hell both physically and mentally, torture them a bit more, make them treat each other like dirt, and basically turn up the depressive “realism” to extra high max degrees.

Our main characters, John Aversin and Jenny Waynest, are broken people here; all signs of their previous normal but peaceful life gone like their former innocence. They are both searching for some way to keep things from getting worse for them, their family and their world. In order to do this, they endure even more tragedies in this book. All the horrible things the author puts them through I won’t bore you with, because you can only enjoy seeing someone tortured so much before it has no shock factor left. Hell, when there is no other way to make things worse in their own world, Hambly sends them to visit another world, which is vaguely similar to our own but full of nothing but gloom and doom.

Needless to say, I did not like this novel. Probably hated it more than I did the second book in this series. (Yeah I said hated because I despised this book.) This novel was all depression all the time. No fun, no joy, no hope. Don’t look for it because it don’t live here. I realize the author had some issues going on in real life, but it is uncalled for how ridiculously depressing she made this book. The Stand had more happiness in it, and I’m talking about when everyone was dying of the damn flu.

Stay away from this one unless you like self-flagellation.