Floods, Famines, And Emperors: El Nino And The Fate Of Civilizations - Brian M. Fagan The premise of this book seemed interesting: how extreme weather patterns influenced the rise and fall of civilizations through history. Climate change is in the news almost daily these days, and I've watched the people on the Weather Channel explain El Nino before so I thought "Hey, this might be interesting."

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

I will not say the book was bad, but it was very boring. With a capital B boring! I struggled to read it initially, had to stop for a couple months before finally making myself go back and finish it. I even tried to skim the weather sections so as to get to the parts about history, but even those sections were snoozers. All the minute details of weather patterns and their discovery through history made me go brain-dead. Guess I'm just a big picture guy when it comes to climate change.

So, if you love reading about weather or you have a horrid case of insomnia, give this book a try.