Almuric - Robert E. Howard, Joe R. Lansdale, Andrew Hou A nice story that is reminiscient of Edgar Rice Burrough's Barsoom novels.

Esau Cairn, a man born out of his time on earth, seeks exile on another planet. Our hero finds himself among strange creatures, who force him to return to man's natural state of honorable barbarism. His journey across this alien world leads him to the walled town of huge apelike men, who are noble barbarians speaking a strange language that resembles english and are surrounded by their females - who bear a striking resemblance to gorgeous human women. Esau wins a place of honor among these people through his physical prowess and sword skill. Naturally, our earthman becomes an unlikely hero, uniting warring city-states and leading them in a daring raid to save a beautiful female from evil birdmen. Of course, at the end of the story, all is well.

While this may sound like a poor man's version of the above mentioned John Carter, Robert E. Howard pulls this off admirable; Esau Cairn's story making a very interesting, if not enlightening, read. So give it a try if you like Howard or Barsoom; it will be well worth your time.