Old Tin Sorrows - Glen Cook A creepy house, a dying General, his strange but beautiful daughter, and a series of petty theft. Just the place our favorite fantasy P.I. for hire finds himself having to visit to pay off a debt owed to his old army sergeant. But naturally, once Garrett arrives, the small favor turns into a major job, because the simple investigation takes a turn for the worst with a hauntingly, beautiful spirit appearing and a series of unexplained murders breaking out. And the worst part is Garrett didn't get paid a large enough upfront fee to cover all this!

What is a sentimental but street smart p.i. to do in such a situation? Why dig in deeper if you are Garrett - even when you find out things you'd rather never have known.

Great book. Several Goodreads friends had said this was one of the best Garrett stories if not the best, and I have to agree with their wisdom. Highly recommend this one for an enjoyable read.