The Wind Through the Keyhole (The Dark Tower, #4.5) - Stephen King,  Jae Lee I've been plowing along with The Dark Tower series for a little while now, and it has been a love/hate relationship at best, though more love than hate lately. Sometimes, however, you just stumble upon the perfect book; it has the right character with the right story for you at just the right time of your life. The Wind Through the Keyhole is that book for me I suppose, and if you are mesmerized by Roland the Gunslinger and the world he grew to manhood in, this book will also be that for you. It will enfold you in its fairy tale within a fairy tale, transporting you to a world that might be and causing our own to disappear into this other place. And when it finally ends, you will sit there with it in your hands, feeling thankful that King took the time to revisit this place and add to the myth of Roland of Gilead.