Defenders of Ulthuan - Graham McNeill Honestly, this book just did nothing for me.

The premise held promise: the Druchii invade Ulthuan to conquer the High Elves. Since I had just finished reading The Sundering trilogy before I tried this book, I was interested to see where Malekith's story went from there. However, this novel was not very engaging, being rather formulaic and predictable. Indeed, from the start, the good guys were incredibly inept and naive; the bad guys unbelievable crafty and powerful.

After about 150 pages, I found myself bored beyond belief and skimmed the remainder of the novel. Unfortunately, what I skimmed was 100% as I had foresaw from the first chapter; no surprises or slight of hand by the author to liven the plot up a bit. This fact and the boredum of reading this made me not want to continue the series. I'll probably try some other Warhammer books, but not for a while. This novel turned me off that much.

However, with all that being said, I suppose the book is okay for someone who just wants to read about the Warhammer universe. So if that is you, pick it up and spend a few years in that amazing world, because the warhammer setting is the only thing this book has going for it.