Magic of Thieves

Magic of Thieves  - C. Greenwood This book was a free download, and honestly I believe that was the absolute best thing about this one. The story was okay; in fact, the beginning really sucked me in, making me want to see where things go. However, after our protagonist settles in with her rescuers, the story just sort of fizzles like a dud firecracker. Sure, it hisses and smokes a little, but it never really explodes. Plus, I don't really like anti-heroes that have nothing likeable about them. (Even the old school anti-heroes like Elric of Melnibone and Thomas Covenant had moments when they were good guys with friends.) In Magic of Thieves, the main character progessively becomes a sulky, whiny, hateful teenager who does nothing but insult her family/friends and basically throws them under the bus without any regret.

How exactly does one like that sort of person?

I couldn't by the end, and in fact, I could care less what happens to her. Throw in the fact, she "stumbles" upon a magic bow, which whispers into her mind how to kill people, and I can't see this series getting anything but worse