Fine Children's Book

The Adventures Of Two Little Ducklings - Vol 1 (Complete Collection;Perfect for Bedtime;Beautifully Illustrated Children's Picture Book) - K. K.

The picture says it all:  two, cute ducklings sharing childhood adventures.  A worthy subject for any writer of children fiction, especially one who not only strives to entertain but teach as well.  And The Adventures of Two Little Ducklings definitely weaves childhood morality tales that will teach important life lessons to kids.


The book itself is divided into "Chapters" which are distinct tales of our two ducklings.  Each chapter tells its own complete story with illustrations.  The next chapter then builds off the previous one.  In this way, the author shows a child how the decisions of our two ducklings do not go away but continue to effect them going forward.  And by the end of the book, the ducklings have already begun to grow up, having made many important moral decisions that have helped mold them into their new selves.


I read this book to my youngest son, and he enjoyed it.  Not as much as he would have a couple years ago when he was a bit younger but enough that I can honestly recommend it to other people with young children between the ages of two to four years, adjusted for their maturity level of course.  All in all, it is a worthy bedtime story.



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