Top Eleven Fantasy Or Science Fiction Characters I’d Love To Have A Beer With

The other day a blog I follow asked the question “What literary character would you like to have a beer with?” Naturally, I thought about it, and I came up with a host of people that I would love to hang out with, drink a beer with, and just sit around swapping stories with – if these guys actually existed of course.


When trying to weed my list down to a manageable ten, I couldn’t get there. I did find a way to get to eleven, but even then, I found that there were some fantasy and science fiction characters that just had to be put together, because I could not imagine handing a beer to one without the other being there waiting for theirs, so you will notice that in my list there are groups of people as well as individuals. Perhaps this is cheating, but it is my list, and I get to set the rules.


Anyway, come look at my “TOP ELEVEN FANTASY OR SCIENCE FICTION CHARACTERS I’D LOVE TO HAVE A BEER WITH” over at my blog, because I can't figure out how to post the whole thing here.  :)