Igor Ljubuncic, author of the grimdark fantasy series The Lost Words, was nice enough to provide copies of the first two novels in his series to Bookwraiths for a giveaway, so I'm asking my booklikes buddies to help me make this a successful giveaway!


If anyone would like to enter, please email me at, type “The Lost Words Giveaway” in the subject line, and include you address because these are physical copies, not ebooks. All entries received before midnight on Monday, June 30, 2014 will be included in the drawing.


Please do not send multiple entries, because I will disregard all but the first. However, if you are a follower of Bookwraiths on other social media sites besides Booklikes, please list the specific sites and you will be given extra entries for each of those. If you don’t follow Bookwraiths elsewhere, well now is the time to help me out!


Good luck to all the entries, and once again, thank you to Igor Ljubuncic for making this giveaway happen.


About the Books




In the ancient land of the Realms, where armies clash and heroes arise, only the most cunning and courageous can redeem a war torn land from certain annihilation. The Betrayed, Igor Ljubuncic’s epic, gritty fantasy novel, spins a searing tale of a world in the throes of war. With furious, fast-paced action and fascinating characters, this wildly inventive saga will thrill anyone who demands fantasy at the top of its game.

A war is brewing in the Realms. When the new religious sect of Feor from Caytor invades the Safe Territories, the home of the old gods, Commander Mali of Eracia scrambles to counter its advance. To that end, Adam, an Eracian prostitute who awaits hanging, is spared to join the army. In the Territories, a former criminal Ayrton and his young protégée Ewan face the threat of the invaders. Can the ruthless followers of Feor be stopped, and the old faith be saved?

As nations clash, old rivalries are set aflame and nothing seems sacred, sinister and ancient secrets are revealed. With wit and adrenalin, The Betrayed weaves a taut and textured landscape of warring factions, foes and allies, to deliver a full-on fantasy tale for the ages.





Eighteen years after Adam defeated the Kingdom of Parus and proclaimed himself emperor of Athesia, he dies peacefully in his sleep. When his daughter Amalia crowns herself empress and takes nobles from neighboring Eracia and Caytor hostage, the political situation in the Realms is primed to explode. Meanwhile, exiled god Damian has resumed his quest to flee his eternal prison and kill the remaining gods. With Damian renewing his murderous quest and tensions boiling over in the Realms, the conflicts breathlessly march toward an overwhelming conclusion. Will Athesia prevail, or will it take a new leader to keep the empire intact? Will King Sergei of Parus be successful in his plans to avenge his family? Can Damian succeed in breaking the bonds of his imprisonment, or will he succumb to the one emotion he’s had all along? Bringing back the series’ signature tone and styling, the novel’s gritty realism, intense atmosphere, and intricate storyline make The Broken more than live up to the promise of The Betrayed. A harsh lesson in morality, The Broken will leave readers clamoring for more.