With A Single Spell  - Lawrence Watt-Evans Classic fantasy is the best label for this book. Young, apprentice wizard is forced to leave his home to discover his destiny, not to mention some more spells since one fire spell won't a career make. Along the way, he stumbles from one misadventure to another until finally being drawn into a quest to slay a dragon, so he can marry a princess and become wealthy beyond his dreams. However, the quest doesn't go exactly as intended, and more misadventures occur until finally our young wizard and a fellow adventure find their fortunes. The fun doesn't sop there, for our accident prone protagonist then stumbles into a magical world where he finds all that he has hoped for. Only one problem. He is now trapped with only one fire spell to help him return home. Of course, everything works out in the end. But isn't that how all good fairy tales work? In the eighties, when this was published, that is exactly how good fantasy books ended, which is why I liked. My age is showing I guess.

In any event, a very good read for anyone tired of the dark fantasy, which dominates the shelves these days.